Helsinki Bicycle Account

City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division · 2015–2021
A biennial report on the state of bicycling and related services in the city of Helsinki.
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Lille Santanen (illustrations 2019-2021)

Tiina Koivusalo (design in 2015)

Risto Kujanpää (text 2015)

About the publication

This 24-page report is the third in a series of publications presenting the current state of bicycling in the city of Helsinki. The two previous issues were published in 2015 and 2017. The 2019 report was published in three languages: Finnish, Swedish, and English, both in print as well as online on the ISSUU platform and on the city webpages.

Image from the publication. Static png image.

Image from the publication. Static png image.

Image from the publication. Static png image.

Photograph showing an example of the illustration by Lille Santanen. Static jpg image.

Bicyclist profile 2019

The publication was accompanied by an online bicycling profile quiz – a simple opinion poll that enabled the user to compare their own opinions and cycling habits against those of the general populace. The illustrations for both the publication and the animated versions for the online quiz were created by Helsinki-based illustrator Lille Santanen.

Mobile mockup of the online quiz. Static jpg image.