Konstsamfundet grant dashboard

Konstsamfundet · 2021–
An interactive dashboard with illustrations by Camilla Pentti showing grants for art, media, culture, and education projects by the Swedish-Finnish foundation Konstsamfundet.
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Project name, client and date, short description and thematic tags.


Konstsamfundet is an association for the promotion of Swedish-speaking arts, culture and education in Finland founded in 1940 by cultural patron and businessman Mr. Amos Anderson. They tasked us with creating an visually appealing mini-site that would show how a breakdown of their grants into different categories. Talented illustrator and graphic designer Camilla Pentti created the lively vignettes for each of the categories.

Initial view of Konstsamfundet grant visualizations showing grants to organizations Initial view of Konstsamfundet grant visualizations showing grants to media and publications

The dashboard is both intended to help potential grant applicants and Konstsamfundet’s own analysts. The grants can be filtered by year and an advanced comparison view allows more detailed study of the categories. All charts can be exported as images and tables of individual awarded grants can be downloaded as excel files.

Music; distribution of grant sums and applicants awarded by categories

Natural language processing was used to identify the top ten most common terms for each grant category. The advanced view also includes a simplified map showing the geographical distribution of awarded grants.

Advanced view ”show all categories” Advanced view : comparison between awarded grants and all received applications Advanced view : word frequencies, size distribution and waffle chart of categories for visual arts